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The Lost Lectures


Ladies, Gentlemen, Lostlings of the jury, The Lost Court has been adjourned, following our 2 day takeover of an abandoned courtroom and chambers. In the docks was an infamous selection of speakers and renegades, artists and artisans vying for the jury’s affections. Click below to view all the talks…

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Peter Pomerantsev

Peter Pomerantsev has gone where few producers dare tread: Russia. Throwing himself headlong into a world of bureaucracy, corruption and brutality, Peter accepted a job making documentaries for network TV in Moscow. During his journey, he found himself filming Golddigger academies, cults, gangsters turned national celebrities, women convicted for selling soap and biking gangs endorsed by the Kremlin. His incredible…

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Val McDermid

Where you see an innocuous wheel brace, Val McDermid sees a murder weapon, motive and killer plotline. Val has been keeping people on the edge of their seat for the past 25 years, presiding as one of the UK’s top crime writers, elevating the suspense genre to high art. Her endless reinventions of the genre have provoked shock and plaudits…

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Howard Marks

Howard Marks (AKA Mr. Nice) presided over one of the most notorious drug empires in recent generations. While petty dealers fretted over ounces and pounds, Howard oversaw a 30 tonne consignment of marijuana. Following his incarceration, he soon became a symbol of radical counter-culture, publishing a bestselling autobiography and inspiring a cult-classic movie. A strident supporter of free speech and…

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Sex Workers Opera

Sex Worker’s Opera is a revolutionary project aiming to give artistic expression to sex workers across the world. Their acclaimed run at London’s Arcola Theatre drew on a cast of actors, strippers and web-cam performers, to create a musical mashup, scored to a host genres, from baroque overtures to dirty grime. A topic prone to mystification, its founders Siobhan Knox…

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Josie Long

Quite aside from being on the Lost wish list from day one, Josie is one of the most blessed natural comedian’s the UK’s ever produced. A lot’s happened since winning best comedy newcomer in 2005. She’s become a regular cartoonist for The Guardian, toured several sold-out shows across the country and has been lighting up TV’s, Radios and live-stages everywhere…

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Prince Rapid feat. Ewen Spencer

Prince Rapid feat. Ewen Spencer. Ewen is the man who shot the origins of grime and is the photographer of choice for a generation of musical zeitgeists. With a fascination for youth sub-cultures, he spent the early 90’s dancing, raving and documenting an emerging fringe movements - UK Garage and later, Grime. Having thrown himself into the scene and been…

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Elizabeth Pisani

Elizabeth Pisani is one of the world’s leading epidemiologists, her incendiary book, The Wisdom of Whores, argued for a total reappraisal in our approach to AIDS (ruffling quite a few feathers in the process). In recent years, she’s focused her attention on Indonesia, a country she sees as “one giant bad boyfriend”. Her project, Indonesia etc. meditates on this nation…

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Emma Sayle

'It’s like Eyes Wide Shut, but realistic' reflects one satisfied customer - and customer satisfaction is something Emma Sayle is keen to deliver. She’s the infamous entrepreneur behind Killing Kittens, a secretive network of sex parties where the world’s well-heeled and well-connected explore their wild side. Whether it’s the discreet nature of her events, the society she keeps (counting Kate…

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Andrew Logan

Like many others, Andrew felt that the Miss World competition was missing something. Namely: latex, drag queens, men dressed as telephone boxes, a smattering of fluorescent wigs and a license to misbehave (among other things). 42 years ago he set about establishing the Alternative Miss World competition to redress this deficit. It started as an excuse to party; it ballooned…

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Andy Zaltzman

Andy Zaltzman has been putting politicians in their place for over a decade. One of the UK’s leading satirists, few people, places or topics have been spared his jibes: from bankers to Blaire, Andy’s made fun of it. Together with his partner in crime, John Oliver, he produces the wildly popular podcast The Bugle, a weekly piss-take of all and…

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Speaker X

To be announced very soon, watch this space!

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Rafe Ofer – Sofar Sounds

Sofar Sounds aka. ‘Songs From a Room’ began in London (where else!?) it’s an an innovative concept / World smashing musical movement dedicated to bringing the best new music to intimate, unusual spaces - most often someone’s living room. Frustrated with the ‘zero connection’ in packed out stadiums, Rafe launched Sofar to offer an Unplugged and stripped down live experience…