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13th Jul 2023

Currently concocting for the 2023 calendar…

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LL x NHM: Lost in the Museum

28th Sep 2019

It’s with palaeolithic pleasure that we announce a one-off collaboration with the Natural History Museum as part of Emerge Festival on 28 September 2019. ‘Lost in the Museum’ will be…

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Curiosity Kino

13th Apr 2019

It is our great pleasure to bring in the new season with a scintillating spectacle of cinematic proportions as Lost Lectures presents ‘Curiosity Kino’. On April 13th we will be rolling…

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4th Oct 2018 - 27th Oct 2018

We are taking over an old sub-station building and going completely ‘off-grid’ to bring you the best of culture and subculture in the city, with world-class speakers and performers sparking…

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Barn Dance

27th Apr 2018

After two and a half years in the hypothetical hinterlands, it gives us unparalleled pleasure to announce our return to the London scene, for a one-off, magical event. Since our last…

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5th Nov 2015 - 6th Nov 2015

The Lost Lectures returns to LONDON with a distinctly tribal feel to proceedings. Having hacked our way through the urban jungle, we chanced upon a forgotten temple, shrouded in smoky…

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The Lost Lectures NY: Number Two

5th Jun 2015

After last years knockout knockdown Lost adventure, we take another bold step into the hidden core of the Big Apple for ‘The Lost Lectures NY: Number Two’ We again team…

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22nd May 2015

We returned to the World’s capital of counter-culture, armed with a lineup that ranged from the inspiring to the insane. It was our privilege to bring the historic ‘StummfilmKino Delphi’…

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14th May 2015 - 15th May 2015

Ladies, Gentlemen, Lostlings of the jury, The Lost Court has been adjourned, following our 2 day takeover of an abandoned courtroom and chambers. In the docks was an infamous selection…

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3rd Oct 2014 - 4th Oct 2014

Since the very beginning, there’s been one elusive space that we’ve dreamt of bringing back to life. An abandoned theatre way above the Skyline of London, that has remained under…

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The Lost Circus

13th Aug 2014

On the evening of 13th August 2014 we’re hosting a one-off special edition LL event ‘The Lost Circus’ in the resplendent Spiegeltent on London’s Southbank. There’ll be 3 amazing speakers…

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Lost at Wilderness

8th Aug 2014

With four amazing speakers and some wellies in tow, we’ll be vacating the big city in pursuit of greener pastures this August 7th – 10th. For those of you who…

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16th May 2014 - 17th May 2014

It was our great pleasure to announce the most hedonistic happening to date and seminal spectacle of 2014 ‘The Lost Chance Saloon’ which opened its doors on 16th and 17th…

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25th Apr 2014

Following months of meticulous planning and some stealth cross-Atlantic communications, we were SO excited to announce that The Lost Lectures landed in New York on 25th April 2014. So, we…

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Festival of Imagination

22nd Jan 2014 - 19th Feb 2014

We began 2014 with a unique new season of talks that ran throughout Jan and Feb 2014, an exciting collaboration between The Lost Lectures  and Selfridges as part of their…

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The Lost Lectures: Big Fight Live!

22nd Nov 2013 - 23rd Nov 2013

On November 22nd and 23rd 2013 we played host to our feistiest finale to date and plunge to the dingy depths of London’s fight scene in a bastion of bare knuckle brilliance.…

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The Lost Icon

19th Jul 2013 - 20th Jul 2013

Following months of negotiations and genuine arm-twisting we were granted unprecedented access to take over a Ghost Hotel belonging to one of the UKs most iconic retailers, Selfridges. This unique…

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Lost in Berlin

4th Apr 2013

This was our first international adventure and possibly our most audacious undertaking as we strapped on our flying goggles and headed Berlin bound.. far away from the comforts of good…

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The Lost Lectures 11 & 12 – Lost Reality

21st Mar 2013 - 22nd Mar 2013

The Lost Reality kicked off the new year in surreal splendour as we travelled to the edges of the imagination and into the emporium of the unknown, not to mention…

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The Lost Lectures 9 & 10 – Lost in Smoke

29th Nov 2012 - 30th Nov 2012

London’s Tobacco Docks were the smoldering scene for this, our final fling of 2012 as we welcomed over 1000 Lostlings into a hazy world of tantalizing talks, sizzling sideshows, sumptuous…

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The Lost Lectures 7 & 8 – Lost At Sea

29th Aug 2012 - 30th Aug 2012

The Lost Lectures hit the high seas in a unique production ‘lost At Sea’ within an enchanting world of underwater wonders, strange submersibles, tantalizing talks and more inflatable’s than you…

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The Lost Lectures 5 & 6 – The Lost World.

30th May 2012 - 31st May 2012

Lostlings were instructed to forget their compasses and leave maps at home as we entered a world of enchanting talks, strange scents, flying globes and fanciful fauna: this was ‘The…

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The Lost Lectures 3 & 4 – The Return

21st Mar 2012 - 22nd Mar 2012

While Shepherd’s Bush market was bathing in the first signs of the British sunshine…an old music hall was busy being transformed, ready for the return of The Lost Lectures. The…

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The Lost Lectures 1 & 2. The Beginning.

18th Jan 2012 - 19th Jan 2012

The very first series of Lost Lectures launched with a bang on January 18th and 19th 2012 in a top secret location under one of London’s main arteries, with great…