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The Lost Lectures

The Lost Labs

The Lost Labs is a cultural laboratory, consultancy and experience design studio that pushes the boundaries of how brands, culture and audiences interact. Bringing together a wealth of creative, technical and design experience, not to mention a wanderlust for the whimsical, the wonderful, the groundbreaking and the new – The Lost Labs is our new thinking space for concoctions, collaborations, innovations and outlandish immersive experiences with organisations aiming to build community and meaningful connection with progressive audiences and taste makers.

The Lost Lectures has an unrivaled reputation for curating the very best of progressive culture and innovation and presenting it in immersive settings that fascinate, challenge and inspire millenial audiences. We have developed a following of tens of thousands of subscribers internationally, with events in London, NY and Berlin, as well as a network of talent that spans the sciences, art, innovation and design. The Lost Labs was created to bring together this unique network to create groundbreaking work on behalf of clients.

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