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The Lost Lectures

Archives : Foody

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The Virtues of the Table

Julian questions the very fundamentals of eating. Why does food gives us pleasure? Does ethical food taste better? Can dining be more than a hedonistic pursuit? Looking across cultures and…

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In pursuit of deliciousness

In this fascinating talk, Ben guides us through an exploration of the edible. He confesses to a penchant for pasta and pesto, but also outlines some rather more experimental approaches…

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Jelly: reality and beyond.

In this incredible talk: part demo, part tasting, part confessional, Sam gives us a rare glimpse into the surreal world of Bompas and Parr. With jelly cathedrals, golden pigs heads,…

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In Christine’s fantastical talk, she takes us on a rare journey into the world of Choccywoccydoodah, a cult, an asylum, all dipped in chocolate. Her fascinating talk is followed by…

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Carl’s whimsical landscapes made entirely of food have seen him work with top ad agencies and food clients across the globe. From London’s sky-scape to salmon seas, Carl takes us…

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The rise of the supper club.

Kerstin’s talk is a fascinating look (or as she describes it ‘a 15 minute Pinterest slideshow’) about the rise of her Guerrilla dining concept: from humble beginnings, right through to…