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The Lost Lectures

Archives : Business

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Howard Marks: Nice Memories

Howard Marks (AKA Mr. Nice) presided over one of the most notorious drug empires in recent generations. While petty dealers fretted over ounces and pounds, Howard oversaw a 30 tonne…

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Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

Lauren tells us how a stray kitten inspired her to pack in her job and embark on a new life as an entrepreneur: an inspirational talk featuring some of the…

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How to make an amazing idea

Shed’s talk is a crash course in entrepreneurship (of the most shocking variety). He takes us through some of his finest inventions, including offensive birthday candles, flying swearwords and an…

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Creating a monster.

In this inspiring and entertaining talk, Michael shares his story of Moshi Monsters: a crazy tale that began with a drawing and became a global phenomenon. He tells stories from…

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Democracy 2.0

Anke envisions a future in which government and civil society can collaborate, share data and work together towards common goals. In her talk, she takes us through some fantastic digital…

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Dolls 3D

Alice’s talk is a magical dive into the world of dolls, manufacture and 3D tech, telling the story of her future smashing company and giving us a  tantalizing glimpse of…

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In Christine’s fantastical talk, she takes us on a rare journey into the world of Choccywoccydoodah, a cult, an asylum, all dipped in chocolate. Her fascinating talk is followed by…

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Homeless World Cup

Mel walks us through the incredible history of his charity. His story is a simple one that inspires practical action and promoting change that all of us can be a…