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The Lost Lectures

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Rhian Lewis: Blockchains, Machines for Trust

With zero jargon, accessible language and a visible passion, Rhian discussed the revolutionary potential of blockchain technology and it’s wide reaching applications. She also sets down the foundations of money…

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The First Female Fight Club

Anna Konda is strongwoman, wrestler and kick-ass co-founder of Berlin’s Female Fight Club, a no-holds-barred society for women who want to scrap. In the four years since its inauguration, the…

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Adventures in Modern Russia

Peter Pomerantsev has gone where few producers dare tread: Russia. Throwing himself headlong into a world of bureaucracy, corruption and brutality, Peter accepted a job making documentaries for network TV…

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Beyond Perception

Helen demonstrates how human beings are missing out on at least half of the bounty of the cosmos we live in. She takes us on a flight of fantasy of…

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Inventing the Future

Steve offers an inside scoop, telling us what its like working within one of the most exciting companies on earth. He explores his team’s creative process, their emphasis on making,…

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Is the Internet Getting Stupider?

Armed with a bundle of hand-drawn doodles, Choire sets out to answer the seminal question of our time: is the internet getting stupider? Despite a healthy degree of flippancy, be…