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Howard Marks: Nice Memories

Howard Marks (AKA Mr. Nice) presided over one of the most notorious drug empires in recent generations. While petty dealers fretted over ounces and pounds, Howard oversaw a 30 tonne…

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Mr Bingo: Hate Mail

In this genius talk, Mr Bingo guides us through his wonderful world – sharing some of his hobbies (collecting weird postcard), talking about stuff he doesn’t like (extensive list), spitting…

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Tao Lin: Art, Angst and Psilocybin

Literary zeitgeist, Tao Lin, is a poet, novelist and artist. Reliantly provocative, he’s polarised critics in ways that few contemporary voices manage: his work has variously been described as genius,…

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The First Female Fight Club

Anna Konda is strongwoman, wrestler and kick-ass co-founder of Berlin’s Female Fight Club, a no-holds-barred society for women who want to scrap. In the four years since its inauguration, the…

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The Art of Improv

Recognised as one of the most multi-talented and ambitious ensembles on the comedy circuit, The Showstoppers’ performances are feats of quick-thinking, wit and formidable general knowledge. They take to the…

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Drag of Choice

Jonny takes us through his glory days as an enfant terrible, speaking candidly about the highs and lows of performing and a life-less-ordinary hanging with the Queens in London &…