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The Lost Lectures

Archives : Beautiful

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Wilfrid Wood: Back to the Drawing Board

Wilfrid presents a fascinating insight into his life, craft and influences; from his dad’s scientific illustrations, to Betty Swanwick’s coughing parrot. He takes us on a journey into his past…

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Miranda Keeling: The Little Things

The Twittersphere can be a stressful place, a treadmill of hype, self-promotion and loud complaints. Those searching for sanctuary, should flock to @MirandaKeeling, where an almost zen-like atmosphere prevails. She’s…

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The Birth of a Poet

In a talk that spans the generations, Polarbear discusses everything from receiving inspiration from his Jamaican nan as a boy, honing his craft (and his romantic skills) as a young…

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Coming of Age

Little Simz shares her thoughts in life, love with lyrics with this rare performance at Alexandra Palace.

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Cabinet of Wonders

In his fantastically frantic talk Wynd argues the case for ‘mess’ and how out of mess you get beautiful things. So it is perhaps befitting that Wynd’s delightful and vast…

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Blood Orange: Anxiety

In this breathtaking talk and performance Dev brings to life two of the neurological conditions that make him such a gifted artist. The first, Synesthesia a condition where pathways cross…

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Carol reads through a series of selected pieces, giving us a broad cross-section of her life’s work. She also tells us about the inspiration behind some of her most iconic…

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A.D.D and the voice.

Reeps One takes to the ring to give one of the standout performances of the series. Part lecture, part jaw dropping demo of vocal dexterity, he showcases his ridiculous beatbox…

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The magic of the crowd

In her short talk, Gabby reveals the magic of the ‘crowd’ in enabling creativity to flourish. Her talk is followed by an incredible closing performance with the other animals: stunning…