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The Lost Lectures

An unruly look at the English language

In this fantastically entertaining talk Mark takes on what is considered ‘correct’ English: dispelling myths, highlighting inconsistencies and generally poking fun at what all our teachers taught us to be true. From prepositions to plurals he goes to the far reaches of the archives to tease out the most ridiculous rules that apparently govern our language, silencing even the most punctilious of linguistic pedants!


Speaker Mark Forsyth

Mark Forsyth is author of The Times Bestseller, The Etymologicon, and writer of The Inky Fool blog. Mark is genuinely obsessed with the origin and meanings of words: his first book is a circular stroll through the hidden connections of the English language. Among many other notable achievements, Mark has dated the word ‘crap’ to 50 years earlier than anyone has found a citation for it and explained more unusual English phrases than perhaps anyone else.