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The Lost Lectures

Transforming the Media

Paris is joined on stage by friend Dr Kate Stone, a Cambridge professor who recently waged war against transphobic prejudices in the media. The two candidly discuss their experience of being transgender in the UK and the progress they’re seeing: from being ostracised in Cambridge clubs, to coaching bouncers on lessons in tolerance. Despite some galling experiences, the two look to the future with optimism and propelled by a belief that people are inherently good. Required viewing for cis / trans and anyone inbetween.


Speaker Paris Lees

Paris is a multi-award winning ‘media whore’ (her words) a transgender activist, journalist and campaigner and a leading voice in the LGBT community, recently named most influential LGBT figure in The Independent’s Pink List. She contributes regularly to Vice with acerbic articles like ‘We Need More Common Slags Like Me in British Politics’ while working to promote diversity in the media. She’s leading the charge to take back the narrative on trans issues from those who have no understanding of them, and bring these into the mainstream. Not bad for someone who dealt with frequent transphobic bull*hit growing up, spent time in jail and realized that by changing society, not herself, good thing would happen. As she puts it ‘Trans people just are. get over it.’ She joins us to share a positive, unapologetic talk about life in the trans lane. Required viewing for cis / trans and anyone inbetween.