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The Lost Lectures

Martha Lane-Fox: The Good, The Bad & The Internet

25 years of the internet, so how’s it going? Martha takes us on a roller coaster tour of the internet, from the ‘glory’ days of dial up, the boom of to the lows of two crashes – first the stock market, then a car crash that left her in hospital for two years changing her perspective on life and seeing the internet not as a fuel for economic growth but as something much more personal to survive.

She shares her experiences as UK’s digital champion, explaining the importance of getting people online – as well as the lack of Government support, with more ‘sexy stuff’ on the agenda. She reflects on 25 years feeling ‘muted’ with where the internet has ended up – the same old power players, lack of female representation and a complete lack of privacy where personal data really isn’t personal at all.


Speaker Martha Lane Fox

Apart from possibly the coolest title in the House of Lords ‘Baroness Lane Fox of Soho’ she is a brilliantly successful businesswomen who co-founded back when we were are still getting acquainted with the strange sounds of the dial-up modem.  She has an incredible number of strings to her bow, chairing multiple organisations, extensive charitable work including her own foundation She’s also the youngest female peer in the House of Lords taking on the rather aptly named role of ‘ UK’s Digital Champion’. She joins us to discuss her work and the importance of promoting computer literacy amongst the many millions of those who’ve been left behind.