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The Lost Lectures

SCOTTEE: I’ve Been Radicalised

It’s rare for Scottee to give a lecture, but took to the stage following an incident where a group of men hurling abuse at him. What starts as a lighthearted story, escalates into one of the most powerful, heartfelt and compelling pieces of prose, unpicking a society that accepts bigotry and calling to arms against those who spit hate or worse, do nothing. This is a rousing speech not just for the queer minority, but for all those who value a safe, accepting and respectful society.

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Speaker Scottee

Scottee is one of the most controversial entertainers on the circuit, known for provoking visceral responses in his audiences and polarising critics – whether hurling cake at Rihanna on live TV, or facing investigation for indecency during his show ‘Mess’, it’s clear that Scottee anchors the more experimental end of performance art.