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The Lost Lectures

This is Rollerderby

In her personal and passionate talk Courtney shares her love for the sport that is ‘for the skaters, by the skaters’. With all its bumps, scrapes and stockings, it’s a sport that empowers women, demonstrates incredible athletic ability and commands a huge following of passionate players and fans. Media owners take note, it’s a serious business: one deserving of some much due recognition.


Speaker Courtney Welch

Courtney Welch is a real life super-hero, by day she has a high-flying job in the City and is a devoted wife and mother, but at night she straps on her skates and becomes ‘Bette Noir’ the gum shield-wielding leader of one of London’s most successful Roller Derby teams. She is the co-founder of London Rollergirls and responsible for bringing Roller Derby to the UK.