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The Lost Lectures

The Poke guide to publishing (and pooing down chimneys)

Jasper’s talk is  about fear and loathing in both online and offline publishing, Jonathan Franzen, people who shit down chimneys and cats. With some amazing memes and mashups from the Poke as well as a reading from  his debut novel ‘A Bright Moon For Fools’,  his talk is an entertaining and insightful look at the internet and the changing landscape of publishing.


Speaker Jasper Gibson

Jasper Gibson: is the co-founder of The Poke: the biggest humour site in the UK whose ambitious goal is to administer an antidote to the daily grind.  They do this rather successfully using all manner of memes, mash-ups and spoof news stories.  The Poke (a self-confessed labour of love) has been responsible for hits such as the Nick Clegg apology remix (2.2M views), Leveson the Musical (which topped the Guardians Viral Video chart) and The Daily Mail Tube map.  This year saw the publication of his debut novel A Bright Moon For Fools.