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The Lost Lectures

Opening nature’s bounty.

“The Streets are paved with fallen fruits!”. A self-proclaimed optimist, Katharina takes us on a culinary journey while outlining her vision for collaborative harvesting. By connecting people who have talent, resources or simply good intentions, her online platforms allow any member of the public to enjoy nature’s bounty.


Speaker Katharina Frosch

is an economist and co-founder of Stadtgarten, a community-based gardening initiative that encourages would-be gardeners to use this public space to grow and harvest their own vegetables and share in the spoils: over 1000 servings of fresh, organic fruit and veg last year! She is also the co-creator of Mundraub, an internet platform that enables users to share the location of fruit trees lying on common or non-farmed land so they can be tended and harvested. Both projects have been awarded prizes by the German Council of Sustainable Development.