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The Lost Lectures

Miranda Keeling: The Little Things

The Twittersphere can be a stressful place, a treadmill of hype, self-promotion and loud complaints. Those searching for sanctuary, should flock to @MirandaKeeling, where an almost zen-like atmosphere prevails. She’s been using social media to express  “the many small moments that happen in the world around”. Each 140 character post offers a real observation of life in the big city, from people waiting in cafes, to overheard snippets on the bus. The end result lies somewhere between a micro-story and Haiku. Taken together, her page creates a fascinating and loving portrait of London. What started as a humble project has captured the imagination of literally thousands; beyond her legion of followers, artists have begun illustrating her tweets creating a beautiful online opus of overseen, small moments.


Speaker Miranda Keeling

Miranda Keeling is a writer, actor, film-maker and winner of the BBC’s Norman Beaton Radio Drama award. She also writes a beautiful Twitter account devoted to charming, everyday observations around London.