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The Lost Lectures

On the Map.

Simon explores the weird and wonderful world of cartography, taking us on a whistlestop tour of maps, starting at 276 BC, and ending in the present day. We are shown some of the more… imaginative… contributions to the field: a map revealing California to be an island, a diagram of Africa’s borders (and sea monsters), even a plan of Mars’ canal systems! Informative and fantastic in equal measure, these documents chart the breadth of our imagination as much as earth’s geography.


Speaker Simon Garfield

Simon Garfield’s career journalism career has spanned a wealth of topics, from typography, to Radio one. He’s an award winning writer with a string of accolades to his name. He is also a lover of all things map related. His most recent book, On the Map, is a detailed exploration of some of the most unusual moments in map-making history.