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The Lost Lectures

How to map a Universe

Chris Lintott’s star-studded talk is a fascinating look at some of the Universe’s greatest wonders (found by normal folk like us!) He explains how it’s only by working together (and getting through a whole lot of data!) that we can ever hope to better understand our ever expanding Universe.


Speaker Dr Chris Lintott

Dr Chris Lintott is an astrophysicist working as a post-doctoral researcher at the dept of Physics at the University of Oxford. He is involved in a number of popular science projects aimed at bringing astronomy to a wider audience. Namely, he is also Head Zookeeper at The Galaxy Zoo Project (a crowd-sourcing global project that finds new Galaxies). He is also co-author of Bang (along with Dr Brian May‚Ķ yes, the one from Queen!), a regular Times columnist and Sky at Night presenter. You could say he’s a young pretender to the great Sir Patrick Moore (minus the monocle of course).