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The Lost Lectures

Inventing the Future

Steve offers an inside scoop, telling us what its like working within one of the most exciting companies on earth. He explores his team’s creative process, their emphasis on making, launching early and collaborating with the public as soon as possible. We’re also shown some of the awe-inspiring feats his team have achieved, from sending school projects into outer space to creating robots that etch your portrait into sand. Be prepared for a highly inspiring talk in which Steve will convince you that it’s your turn to change the world.


Speaker Steve Vranakis

Steve Vranakis is the Creative Director of Google Creative Lab (EMEA) and one of the most tech-savvy, rule-breaking progressive thinkers you’re ever likely to meet. He’s in charge of a team responsible for pushing the notion of what is possible at Google and using the full weight of their capability to do so.