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The Lost Lectures

Is the Internet Getting Stupider?

Armed with a bundle of hand-drawn doodles, Choire sets out to answer the seminal question of our time: is the internet getting stupider? Despite a healthy degree of flippancy, be prepared for a very intelligent talk. Looking at the dawn of American journalism and ploughing historical archives, Choire makes a compelling argument: journalism was always a bit stupid. He also implores the audience to “Share responsibly”, a distinctly 21st century mandate.


Speaker Choire Sicha

The New Yorker dubs him ‘the anti-blogger’… But, for all that, Choire’s influence can be felt across all reaches of the internet. He’s served as editor of Gawker (twice), The New York Observer and co-founded The Awl, ‘an irreverent, all-purpose, media/culture/politics/think-piece/bear-video clusterfuck’ of a website helping us to ‘be less stupid’. He’s even been credited with creating a new idiom. Clearly this anti-blogger knows what he’s doing. He’ll be flip-reversing the lens on his highly acclaimed (and slightly surreal) book Very Recent History to share a tantilising glimpse of the near future of the internet, the subject of his upcoming work.