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The Lost Lectures

Banknotes, backlash & the rise of a role model

In this harrowing talk, Caroline explores the current state of gender equality in the UK and abroad. She describes her campaign to improve female representation and the horrific backlash that greeted her. Caroline makes an impassioned call to arms, forecasting a difficult struggle, yet a defining one.


Speaker Caroline Criado-Perez

Caroline Criado-Perez: is the founder of the Women’s Room and one of the UK’s leading feminists. Alongside writing for the nation’s leading newspapers, she has spearheaded a series of highly influential campaigns. Most recently, she convinced the Bank of England to keep a woman on the face of British currency– and suffered a torrent of abuse as a result. Always willing to stick her head above the parapet, she’s bravely confronted bigotry at great personal risk and inspired many more in the process. Expect an impassioned talk about and her experiences from the gender equality front line and an inspiring take on contemporary feminism.