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The Lost Lectures

The Blonsky Device

Marc tells the tale of the Blonsky Device and the couple who created it. Inspired by a trip to the zoo, they patented a device with offering a very unique method for child birth. Without getting too technical, it involves a motorized table spinning pregnant women at 60 rpm… While the machine failed to inspire many doctors or midwives, it did inspire a full length opera and Marc discusses the fascinating, funny and practically unfathomable story of one of history’s weirdest inventions.


Speaker Marc Abrahams

Marc is a scientist, founder and host of the Annual Ig Nobel Prize, which celebrates all things odd, trivial and well, improbable emerging from the world of science. He is at the forefront of academia’s weirdest quests, honouring scientific achievements that make people laugh and then think. Whether it’s a scientific comparison of apples and oranges; research determining whether Kansas is physically flatter than a pancake or a controlled study of cats being dropped, these are the type of ground-breaking experiments you can read about in Marc’s magazine, The Annals of Improbable Research.