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The Lost Lectures

The Birth of a Poet

In a talk that spans the generations, Polarbear discusses everything from receiving inspiration from his Jamaican nan as a boy, honing his craft (and his romantic skills) as a young man, to inspiring his own son to write rhymes as a dad. In so doing, he explores the power of storytelling itself, its ability to create bonds and make sense of the world. He also treats us to two original, and rather excellent, pieces.


Speaker Polar Bear

Born and raised in the city of Birmingham, Steven Camden aka Polarbear is one of the most respected spoken word artists in the UK. After an accidental fall into spoken word involving a broken P.A system and a complete misunderstanding, he developed into a fully-fledged spoken word artist. Known for his unique performances, language and rhyme patterns from his Hip-Hop roots combine with the day-to-day sentiment of a man trying to figure things out.