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The Lost Lectures

Beyond Perception

Helen demonstrates how human beings are missing out on at least half of the bounty of the cosmos we live in. She takes us on a flight of fantasy of perception (via glowing scorpions, stars and satellites) arguing that our position between the superfast of nanoseconds and super slow of millennia, makes us unique in our ability to process the mid range of time and scale in the universe. For Czerski, we are all but stuck, and wonderfully so in this “messy, sentient, beautiful layer between the earth and the cosmos”, and she concludes: “that is all we are”.


Speaker Helen Czerski

Helen’s academic record teems with intrigue: after gaining a PhD from Cambridge in experimental explosives, she joined UCL to become their resident ‘bubble scientist’. An omniverous appetite for natural sciences, she’s presented documentaries for the BBC on everything from inter-stellar orbits to the animal kingdom, most recently ‘The Secret Power of Animals’ exploring the fascinating World beyond human perception. We’re not sure which area of the universe she’ll explore on the night, but assures us it will push the scientific limits of both super-humans and regular humans alike.