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The Lost Lectures

Bellatrix: The art of noise.

In this dazzling talk and demo, she gives a fascinating insight into the history of hip-hop culture and the art of beatboxing: sharing secrets on hitting the bass notes, kick-drums, high-hats and snares, she transforms the audience into a giant human drum machine and quite literally stuns everyone with her vocal techniques. From hip-hop, dubstep to D&B this girl has to be seen to be believed.


Speaker Bellatrix

Belle is a charismatic, unpredictable, genre bending maverick who also happens to be a world champion beatboxer. With a blisteringly inventive body of work that’s won her critical acclaim from artists and critics alike, she’s been a strong advocate and role model for girls and women coming through music industry. She joins us to talk about her journey and take us on a musical odyssey through the vortex that is her vocal range.