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The Lost Lectures

Barbara Nitke: American Ecstasy

“I feel like my work is a salute to the sex workers of the world. And how much I care about them.” Barbara’s talk looks beyond the ethics of porn as a whole, focusing instead on the personal lives of those involved. She discusses the flashes of intimacy, exhibitionism and sisterhood encountered while one the job. A disarmingly intimate take on a subject marred in controversy and debate (…though a little x-rated, so strictly for over 18s!).


Speaker Barbara Nitke

Barbara is a photographer who’s work can be seen in galleries across the world (though usually behind a black curtain).  In the 70’s she worked extensively in porn and BDSM industry documenting the professional and personal lives of its stars. Despite the provocative subject, her photos are noted for their unexpectedly lyrical quality, capturing moments of loneliness as well as connection. Her incredible new book ‘American Ecstasy’ sets out to explore this era and to pay tribute to the golden age of porn. She’ll be sharing her unique experiences, her work and personal views on ‘sexual expression’.