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The Lost Lectures

How to make an amazing idea

Shed’s talk is a crash course in entrepreneurship (of the most shocking variety). He takes us through some of his finest inventions, including offensive birthday candles, flying swearwords and an infamous book that spells out every man’s deepest and most private thoughts… A must see for all rebels and enfant terribles.


Speaker Shed Simove

Shed Simove is a British author and entrepreneur. He is known for his non-fiction book ‘Ideas Man’ and for some pretty outrageous publicity stunts and controversies. Shed has forged a highly innovative merchandising empire – selling millions of novelty gifts worldwide, including a line of best-selling (and very naughty) adult sweets. His journey has been a colourful one, boasting an impressive list of scandals. He’s had legal run-ins with Google, Apple and the Trademark Office, had ’50 Shades of Grey’ (his rather literal version of it) blocked by Random House, he’s created his own currency and even changed his name to ‘God’ (which subsequently led to HSBC closing his account). He passionately believes that when an idea pops into your head, it can send you on amazing adventures.