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The Lost Lectures

Tim Woolgar – Chess Boxing

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We figured ‘The BIG FIGHT LIVE’ would not be complete without, well…a big fight. So we’re clearing the stage, dimming the lights, cranking up the entrance music as the ring comes into its own, complete with fighters, referee, commentator…and a chess board, of course. Introducing the sport and giving a short talk about it’s history will be one of its leading figures, Tim Woolgar, ahead of an awe-inspiring battle of wits and brawn: a mix of sporting thrills, glamour and…chess. For those not in the know (though it’s kind of in the name), the basic premise is as follows: one round of chess and one round of boxing until checkmate or KO. We can’t quite believe we’re actually doing it, but here goes… Ticking clocks and wet sponges at the ready, lets get ready to rumdiddlyumble!