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The Lost Lectures


Duck. Tweets. Tries stuff. Fails. Tries other stuff. Short attention span. Easily-led. Possibly unstable.  Naturally, this kind of glittering CV attracted our attention. Tiahowler is an expert in subject matters most dear to our hearts – the much loved and too-often-overlooked art of growing cress. An art that he took it upon himself to bring back to the public’s attention by hosting ‘Cress’ the inaugural cress-growing competition on Twitter, attracting a huge number of ‘civilian’ participants as well as a crop of celebrities that included Les Dennis and Minnie Driver no less. A firm but fair judge, TB joins us to share the trials and tribulations of participating in his much coveted competition, talk about his expansive rule book and explain what it takes to be a true prize winning cress aficionado. Quite the cressendo. We hope you’ll agree.