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The Lost Lectures

Joseph Cox

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The Deep Web is the new Wild West, a vast foreboding World beneath the surface of the searchable web we know and love. Accessed through special software and anonymized at every stage, this murky underworld brims with sordid secrets and terrifying tales. It’s scale (several magnitudes larger than the searchable web) is astonishing, it’s a place you can buy drugs, weapons, contract a killer, hire a hacker or meet online jihadists all completely untraced. It’s also the birthplace of the Silk Road, a website named after the historical trade routes, founded by the Dread Pirate Roberts. It’s the Ebay of the drug world offering everything from acid to heroin. Joseph is an investigative journalist who is a resident there. A world expert in this cyber underworld, currently working on a film about the topic with Vice. He’ll be plumbing the depths of the Dark Web to share the stories of this underworld and the characters who reside there.