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The Lost Lectures


The Lost Lectures returns to LONDON with a distinctly tribal feel to proceedings. Having hacked our way through the urban jungle, we chanced upon a forgotten temple, shrouded in smoky secrecy, that until now, has remained far beyond the reach of even the most clandestine of cultural connoisseurs. And so we named it…


On November 5th and 6th 2015, we open the doors of the temple and welcome you into a vast interior, steeped in flame, ritual and tribal intrigue. The Lost temple will be a living art installation, using light, shadow and shape to transport audiences deep into a World of ideas, inspiration and wonderment.

There will be food courtesy of Street Feast alumni, indoor and outdoor bars open all eve with mulled wine flowing aplenty, marshmallow roasting, explosive demos courtesy of our pyrotechnician in residence, Dr Hal Sosabowski and some as yet unannounced additions to the lineup. The final batch of keys have been unearthed, and are available below. They will guarantee your safe passage…

The Temple beckons, Lostlings

Keep it to a whisper

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Miranda Keeling

Miranda Keeling is a writer, actor, film-maker and winner of the BBC’s Norman Beaton Radio Drama award. She also writes a beautiful Twitter account devoted to charming, everyday observations around London.

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Sir Nigel Shadbolt

Nigel is one of the world's leading scholars in the field of artifical intelligence. Beyond exploring A.I. from a technological standpoint, his work also considers some of the broader, philosophical questions posed by the digital age; his seminal text, The Spy in the Coffee Machine, examines how advancements in tech could corrode trust and privacy. Along with long-time friend and colleague,…

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London Afrobeat Collective

London Afrobeat Collective describe themselves as a "politicised party machine". One of the most notorious live acts in London, their raucous gigs are swiftly becoming the stuff of legend. This year saw the release of their album 'Food Chains', garnering interest from music buffs the world over and demonstrating them to be serious pioneers of the genre. Bass heavy, loud, and…

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Mr Bingo

Mr Bingo is an artist and illustrator with a penchant for being, well, a bit abusive – his project & Kickstarter, ‘Hate Mail’ is testament to this, sending good ol’ fashioned insults, handcrafted by post. He’s elevated abuse into an art form and people spend good money for the honor of incurring Mr. Bingo’s ire. Entrepreneurial and erudite in the…

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Andrew Hosken

Andrew is an investigative journalist and author. His third book, Empire of Fear, Inside the Islamic State, published by Oneworld, investigates the origins and history of ISIS and has been described as a "valiant guide through the baffling issues" by The Independent . As a reporter for BBC Radio Four's, The World Tonight, he has reported recently from Iraq and elsewhere…

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Penny Woolcock

The ridiculously multi-talented, Penny has worked across a spectrum of mediums: film, opera you name it. Throughout her career, she's maintained her focus on the margins of culture; from illicit dog fight rings in Birmingham, to Britain's dislocated homeless, Penny has tried to create a space in art for the sort of figures who get overlooked and thrown away by…

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Dr. Sundeep Grewal

Dr Sundeep Grewal is a Specialist Registrar in geriatrics, he is one voice, echoed by many thousands of voices of junior doctors opposing the new contracts imposed by health secretary Jeremy Hunt and the UK Government - contracts that they believe will remove necessary safeguards, compromise patient safety and ultimately push the NHS to crisis point.

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Asifa Lahore

Asifa Lahore, is the UK's  first out, Muslim Drag Queen. She shot to infamy in 2014 after being censored by the BBC while speaking about homosexuality and Islam. Her bravery and outspokenness on the topic inspired a groundswell of national support and she's since become a symbol of hope to many, reframing dialogues about Muslim identity and sexuality.

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Luisa Omielan

Luisa Omielan has been described at the Beyoncé of comedy. Like Beyoncé, she sells out shows wherever she lands (London, New York, Edinburgh) and has an ever increasing legion of fans. Unlike Beyoncé, she often performs naked and certainly isn't safe for radio. A raucously funny comedian, her gigs have been described as everything from, a giant house party to a…

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Bradley Garrett

We’ve been trying to pin down Bradley for close to a year. His evasions have ranged from lack of phone signal (roving the sewers of Antwerp), to general business (writing a book on a crane, photographing an abandoned Alaskan town; the usual). Obviously, anyone with such exotic excuses is of high interest to Lost HQ. For those who haven’t guessed, Bradley…

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Femi Adeyemi

One of the founding members of Boiler Room, Femi has been instrumental in changing what we listen to and how we listen to it. In recent years, he’s founded NTS radio, a hugely influential online station, pioneering experimental sounds and championing some of the most cutting edge artists around. More than a mere radio station, it strives to create a community ‘for…

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Scottee is one of the most controversial entertainers on the circuit, known for provoking visceral responses in his audiences and polarising critics - whether hurling cake at Rihanna on live TV, or facing investigation for indecency during his show ‘Mess’, it’s clear that Scottee anchors the more experimental end of performance art.