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The Lost Lectures

Barn Dance

After two and a half years in the hypothetical hinterlands, it gives us unparalleled pleasure to announce our return to the London scene, for a one-off, magical event. Since our last encounter, we’ve seen a seismic shift in our collective reality, so it feels all the more meaningful to coalesce and re-connect in clandestine comfort around ideas shaping our world.

On Friday 27th April we welcome you to the ‘great barn’, in the heart of central London, where you’ll be treated to an mesmeric mix of world-class talks and performances, enjoyed from the comfort of your very own hay bale. There will be an array of foody and drinky delights available throughout the evening. The night will end with a raucous hoedown, led by the finest musicians in the business, so bring your dancing shoes and join us for a long-overdue roll in the hay!

Barn doors open at 7pm  * please swing them closed again on your way out.

Talks begin promptly at 7.30 and end around 10.30, music and dancing will continue through to the early hours (2am).

Tickets are priced at £30 each and can be found below.

Food will be available from some of London’s finest street food vendors with Lords of Poké and BBQ Dreamz both representing. Drinks will be available all night long from the Lost Bar.

Location will be revealed only to ticket holders a few days before the event.

See you soon Lostlings…

Lost Folk

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Dame Jenni Murray

Jenni is a journalist and broadcaster who has graced our airwaves since 1987 as the presenter of Woman’s Hour. She is the author of several books, most recently ‘A History of Britain in 21 Women’, an enthralling insight into our history through the eyes of the visionary and trailblazing women. Aptly timed for the centenary of women’s suffrage, Jenni joins…

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Carla Valentine

Aka. ‘The Chick and the Dead’ is, in her own words, a ‘chick, who works with the dead’. She is as a qualified anatomical pathology technologist (that’s a mortician to you and me) whose extensive work and research covers death, sex and everything in between. She has multiple fellowships and more letters after her name than will comfortably fit on…

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Wilfrid Wood

Wilfrid Wood is a sculptor with a penchant for ‘ asymmetrical faces, fat bodies, beautiful bodies, hairy bodies, the uncanny, doggies, fashion, self‑taught artists, contortionists, freaks, sport, tongues and gender fluid internet exhibitionists’. Since being plunged into model making for cult TV show ‘Spitting Image’ he hasn’t looked back, creating unbelievably observed satirical models of everyone from Bowie to Berry…

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Rhian Lewis

Of all the trends that have emerged over the last few years, blockchain technology has been lauded as the on that will fundamentally change civilization. Rhian is one of the UKs leading voices in blockchain and cryptocurrency: cofounder, consultant and journalist she’ll be providing a tantalizing glimpse over the horizon into a world without centalised power.

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Paul Bassett Davies

Paul Bassett Davies has been writing for thirty years and still hasn't finished. He has countless radio and TV credits to his name and a too many awards to list in this short bio. Despite all of this he’s somehow found the time to write several books, films, be a minicab driver, a DJ in a strip club and a…

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Steve Valentino

Wrestling is flourishing in unexpected places all over the UK and Steve is a force majeure leading the charge in its revival. He is one part of ‘Pro Wrestling Subjective’, a motley crew of alter egos and insane characters who don their lycra in working men’s clubs around the UK, performing feats of acrobatics and physical dexterity to the delight…

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Cut A Shine

Cut a shine, is an old expression meaning to ‘run amock’ which is pretty much spot on for this traditional troupe of merry musicians. London based Cut a Shine are on a mission to spread the good word of the ‘Hoe Down’. Just as well as their rip-roaring, thigh-slapping, floor-stomping, heart thumping, blood pumping barn dances are renowned the UK…